City builds fence to keep tourists away from risky Mount Fuji viewpoint

A city near Japan's Mount Fuji is erecting a fence to prevent people from entering the median strip of a highway bridge to take photos of the nation's highest mountain.

The bridge in Shizuoka Prefecture's Fuji City has gained a reputation on social media as a spot where people can take photos that make it appear as though they are climbing the mountain.

City officials say the location attracts as many as 300 people -- including international tourists -- a day. Some of the visitors enter the highway's median strip to take photos.

The Shizuoka national highway office began installing the metal fence on Wednesday. Officials say it will be 1.8 meters high and 400 meters long.

A traffic guide said he thinks more tourists will come during the climbing season. He believes the fence will help prevent people from causing a nuisance.

Officials say the fence is expected to be completed on Friday.