Philippines: Military boats subjected to Chinese inspection and damaged

The Philippine military says it was subjected to a maritime inspection by the China Coast Guard, with four of its boats punctured and firearms confiscated.

The military was referring to an announcement by the Philippine government on Monday that its mission to deliver supplies to a military outpost on the Second Thomas Shoal in the South China Sea was disrupted by Chinese government ships. It said a navy member was severely injured in the incident.

In response, the Chinese side argued its forces were cracking down on illegal operations by the Philippine ships.

On Wednesday, the Philippine military told reporters that China Coast Guard personnel illegally boarded the ships and took their crews' cellphones.

The military demanded that the Chinese side return the equipment and pay for the damage.

Meanwhile, a Chinese state-run media outlet published a video purportedly showing the inspection. It says the footage was filmed by the Chinese coast guard.

The video shows three Chinese ships surrounding Philippine rubber boats and Chinese authorities boarding them.

China this month implemented a law clarifying enforcement procedures for intrusion into its territorial waters.

Observers say the country released the video to demonstrate its law enforcement capabilities.