Temperatures top 30 degrees Celsius across much of Japan

Temperatures topped 30 degrees Celsius across much of Japan on Wednesday. The hot weather is expected to continue on Thursday, prompting warnings of heatstroke.

Japan's Meteorological Agency says Wednesday's daytime highs exceeded Tuesday's by 10 degrees or more in some places.

Temperatures went up to 30 degrees or higher at 284 observation points, many in western Japan.

Dazaifu City in Fukuoka Prefecture had a high of 34.8 degrees, while Kyoto City's was 33.7 degrees.

Clear skies are also forecast for Thursday in many areas.
The cities of Tottori, Toyooka and Maizuru on the Sea of Japan can expect highs of 35 degrees, Osaka 31 degrees and Tokyo 30 degrees.

People are urged to use air conditioners when necessary, keep hydrated, avoid working long hours and rough sports outdoors, and rest regularly.