Kim, Putin likely exchanged views toward signing a strategic partnership treaty

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a summit in Pyongyang on Wednesday afternoon. The two likely exchanged views toward signing a strategic partnership treaty including economic and security cooperation.

Putin is making an official visit to North Korea. The summit followed a ceremony to welcome him in the North Korean capital on Wednesday.

The meeting, also attended by delegates from the two countries, lasted for about 90 minutes at the Kumsusan State Guest House in Pyongyang.

Kim reportedly reiterated at the start of the meeting his support for Russia's military operation in Ukraine. Kim said North Korea again declares that it will strengthen strategic communications with Moscow amid the complex global situation and support every Russian policy unconditionally.

He expressed hope to boost cooperation in wide areas.

Putin stressed Russia's confrontation with the United States, saying his country is fighting hegemonistic imperialist policies imposed by the US and its allies.

He reportedly said a new fundamental document has been prepared to form the basis of relations between Russia and North Korea for many years to come.

Putin effectively invited Kim to visit Moscow, saying he looks forward to seeing him in the Russian capital.

The two leaders also likely had one-on-one talks.