School children take part in prehistoric-style sports festival

An athletic festival was held at an elementary school in central Japan drawing on inspiration from hunters and fishers in the prehistoric Jomon period.

Jomon culture is said to have emerged in Northeast Asia about 15,000 years ago and to have lasted more than 12,000 years.

The festival was held at Mimuro Elementary School in Fukui Prefecture. The school is near an archeological site where Jomon earthenware was excavated.

All 32 children at the school dressed up in costumes simulating the Jomon period. They competed in three teams.

In a hunting-inspired race, teams worked together, using sticks to catch and pile up cardboard boxes representing rabbits and other preys.

In another race, the children worked in pairs to scoop up fish they had made using polystyrene foam. Their parents cheered them on.

One girl said it was fun having to cooperate with the others to go hunting. She said the event made her imagine life in the Jomon period.