Ukraine says Russia stepping up attacks before arrival of more Western weapons

Ukraine's military chief says Russia is stepping up its offensive in eastern Ukraine before the arrival of more weapons from Western nations.

Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi said via social media on Monday that he has been working on the eastern front for almost a week. He said fierce fighting continues in the area, including Chasiv Yar, a Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern region of Donetsk.

Syrskyi said Russia understands that its chances of success on the battlefield will decrease with the arrival of a significant amount of weapons and military equipment from Ukraine's partners, including the first batch of F-16 fighter jets. He added that Russia understands that time will favor Ukraine and is intensifying its attacks.

He called on the Ukrainian people to support their troops.

As Russian forces continue missile attacks on residential areas, the governor of the central region of Poltava said 22 people including children were injured in one such strike, and that more than 50,000 households are without power.

Research company Kyiv International Institute of Sociology released the results of a survey on a revised law that took effect last month to strictly enforce the mobilization of Ukrainian men.

The survey showed that 34 percent of the respondents approved, while 52 percent did not.

Ukraine's government amended the law to address a shortage of soldiers. The institute said the law has created a significant division in Ukrainian society.