US expresses concern about Russia-N.Korea ties

Senior US government officials have expressed concerns about the deepening relationship between Russia and North Korea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is starting a two-day visit to North Korea through Wednesday, his first trip to the country in 24 years.

Putin is expected to have summit talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and sign an agreement on a strategic partnership for economic and security cooperation.

White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said at a news conference on Monday that the United States is concerned about the deepening relationship between the two countries.

Kirby said the US is not only concerned about the impact the relationship is going to have on Ukrainians, but because there could be some reciprocity that could affect security on the Korean Peninsula.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh speculated that the purpose of Putin's trip to North Korea could be the procurement of weapons for use on the battlefield in Ukraine.

Singh said the US sees Russia going to countries such as North Korea to get assistance on weapons.