CNN to mute interruptions in Biden-Trump debate

US broadcaster CNN said microphones will be switched to mute during opponents' remarks in the debate this month between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

CNN on Saturday unveiled some details of the June 27 contest to be broadcast live from Atlanta in the southern state of Georgia. The network is promoting the encounter as "the first in-person showdown of the 2024 campaign" between the two candidates.

The broadcaster said the 90-minute debate will have no studio audience. Only moderators and the candidates will be present.

Their first televised debate in the 2020 presidential race was dominated by interruptions with Biden and Trump speaking over each other.

CNN said the candidates are not allowed to bring props or pre-written notes onto the stage. The debate will include two commercial breaks, and campaign staff may not interact with their candidate during that time.

The network said the moderators will use all tools at their disposal to ensure a civilized discussion.