World leaders gather in Switzerland, Zelenskyy shows hope for peace

World leaders have gathered in the Swiss resort of Burgenstock on Saturday to discuss a peace plan for Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine's president, says he hopes the summit will give momentum for peace.

In a news conference with Swiss President Viola Amherd, Zelenskyy called for united international support to put pressure on Russia to end its invasion.

He said,"Everything that will be agreed upon at the summit today will be part of the peacemaking process that we all need." He added that he believes the leaders will witness history being made at the summit.

The Swiss government says delegates from 100 countries and organizations are taking part in the two-day discussions. They include nations from what is collectively known as the Global South. China and Russia are not taking part.

A draft joint statement seen by NHK refers to three of 10 points in the peace plan proposed by Ukraine. They are: the safety of nuclear power plants; food security; and the release of all prisoners and return of children forcibly transferred to Russia.

The draft does not mention the withdrawal of Russian troops or the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity. This is apparently out of consideration for participating countries that have close ties with Moscow.