Macron calls snap election after EU setback

French President Emmanuel Macron has responded to gains by the far-right in voting for the European Parliament. On Sunday, he dissolved the French parliament and called a snap election.

Macron said it was a serious and hard decision. "It is, above all, an act of confidence -- confidence in you, my fellow citizens, in the capacity of the French people to make the fairest choice for themselves and for future generations," he said.

More and more Europeans have grown opposed to accepting immigrants. They have been unsettled by an economic slump and an energy crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine. Still, voters delivered another majority to the three major centrist parties in the European Parliament.

But many in France sided with the far-right National Rally party. The group captured more than double the votes of Macron's Renaissance party. "We are ready to rebuild the country, ready to defend the interests of the French people," said National Rally's Marine Le Pen.

Some voters said the dissolution of parliament seems a "dangerous game." Others called it risky, saying it "opens the door" to far-right leadership.

The first round of voting will be held on June 30 with a runoff on July 7.