Developer of just-finished Tokyo condo began considering its demolition in May

The developer of a new condominium in Tokyo, whose units were to be transferred to buyers next month, began considering its demolition in May, NHK has learned.

The developer, Sekisui House, decided on June 3 to demolish the condominium in Kunitachi City, western Tokyo, citing the building's impact on surrounding areas, and notified the city the following day.

Sekisui House said that in response to requests and opinions from local residents it had confirmed and surveyed the site even after construction began in January 2023.

Some residents in the neighborhood had complained the building blocks their view of Mount Fuji.

Sekisui House said it considered whether to scrap the project, and began discussions toward a final decision last month.

The company stressed the condominium was planned and built in compliance with relevant laws and ordinances, and there are no legal violations.

Sekisui House says it will do whatever it can to address the concerns of the buyers, including paying compensation on a case by case basis.

Meanwhile, the Kunitachi municipal assembly demanded that the city have the developer explain to local residents in detail why it decided to demolish the condominium.

A group of assembly members handed the request to Mayor Nagami Kazuo on Monday.

The assembly members said the residents learned the condominium would be torn down, but it appears that the company has not explained the details to them.

The mayor reportedly promised to quickly respond to their request.