Town puts up QR code on screen blocking view of Mt Fuji to explain decision

A town at the foot of Mount Fuji has put up a QR code on a screen blocking the view of the mountain over a convenience store. The code links to an article explaining why it has decided to install the screen.

The town authorities of Fujikawaguchiko in Yamanashi Prefecture set up a black mesh screen along the sidewalk around the store in May. This was in response to local complaints about the nuisance caused by tourists flocking to the area to take photos of the mountain appearing like it was perching on the store's roof.

In the article that is available in four languages, including English and Chinese, the town explains that some visitors had crossed the busy road in front of the store or parked their cars on private property without permission.

The article also uses illustrations to explain traffic rules and good manners, asking people to avoid taking photos on roads and to follow pedestrian crossings to prevent disturbing traffic.

It also shows maps and photos of other places in the town with picturesque views of Mount Fuji.

The town's tourism officials say opinions were divided over the screen, but it has proven effective in easing congestion on the sidewalk. They say they hope tourists will enjoy visiting many places across the town.

The area continues to attract foreign visitors even after the screen was installed. On Tuesday, some people were seen standing on the road or using selfie sticks to take photos over the screen.