Apple to incorporate generative AI into OS

Apple says it will add generative artificial intelligence to operating systems for devices including the iPhone and Mac computers.

The announcement comes as the US tech giant has fallen behind rivals including Google and Microsoft in applying AI in its products.

Executives at the company unveiled the plan for "Apple Intelligence" at a developers' event in California on Monday.

They said Apple Intelligence will work with apps to do things like summarize emails, reorder them by level of importance and draft replies.

They said other enhancements will include the ability to generate images and emoji based on stored pictures of friends and family.

Executives added that AI-powered voice assistant Siri will offer improved functions, such as abilities to carry on a more natural conversation and create a wide variety of plans.

Apple also announced that it's teaming-up with generative AI powerhouse OpenAI.
Apple said its generative AI system will have ChatGPT integrated, giving users access to more intelligent functionality.