Joint statement at peace summit unlikely to include withdrawal of Russian forces

NHK has learned that a draft joint statement that falls short of calling for the withdrawal of Russian forces will be presented at the upcoming international conference on peace in Ukraine.

The peace summit will be held in Switzerland on Saturday and Sunday. It is aimed at realizing the 10-point peace plan proposed by Ukraine.

The Swiss government said on Monday that 90 countries and organizations are expected to attend the event.

NHK has obtained the draft joint statement that refers to only three of the 10 points proposed in the Ukrainian peace formula.

The three are the safety of nuclear power plants, food security and the release of all prisoners and the return of children deported to Russia.

It falls short of mentioning the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine and the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity.

The draft joint statement also says all parties need to take a part to achieve peace. It stresses the importance of Russia's participation in discussions.

Diplomatic sources say that the withdrawal of Russian troops and other things that Ukraine have been calling for were dropped from the draft because it took into consideration some emerging nations in Asia and Middle East that maintain ties with Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expects the peace summit to be a framework that will give his country an upper hand in ending the war.