Developer to demolish condo, as neighbors complain of it blocking Mt. Fuji view

The developer of a just-finished condominium in Tokyo's Kunitachi City has decided to demolish it, citing its "impact on the surrounding area". Some people living nearby have been complaining that the 10-story building blocks views of Mount Fuji from their neighborhood.

The developer, Sekisui House, last Tuesday notified city officials of its decision to discontinue the project and knock down the 18-unit condo, just weeks before the units were set to transfer to clients.

The units -- most of which are priced between 446,000 and 510,000 dollars -- were to be ready to be handed over to buyers next month.

The company said that its previous assessment of the building's impact on the surrounding area had been insufficient. It added that there were no structural issues in the building and no legal violations associated with the project.

The decision from a major Japanese developer drew mixed reactions. One resident living nearby said she is happy that she will be able to enjoy a view of Mount Fuji from the street again. Another said the developer may have overreacted to complaints from those who are unhappy with the project.