Noto quake report calls for using hi-tech drones to improve disaster responses

A Japanese government report is calling for the use of drones and other advanced technology to improve responses to disasters.

A government taskforce report released on Monday analyzes how authorities responded to the powerful New Year's Day earthquake on the Noto Peninsula.

The report says there were delays in assessing the damage and transporting supplies, partly because the quake struck shortly before sundown. It says roads were also cut off on the peninsula.

The report lists measures to improve disaster responses. They include gathering information on affected areas around the clock and using state-of-the-art technology, including high-performance drones capable of carrying supplies. They also include setting procedures in advance for repairing roads.

The report points out that the lack of running water for prolonged periods affected sanitary conditions at emergency shelters. It calls for emergency wells, plans to secure toilets and a system to swiftly deliver trailer houses.

At Monday's taskforce meeting, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio expressed his intention to listen to experts' views and conduct further analysis. He said the government will continue to do all it can to rebuild areas affected by the quake, while stepping up measures against disasters.

Kishida also indicated he will make arrangements to tap into the government's reserve fund for a fifth time to support the quake-hit areas.