French media call Macron's dissolution of parliament a 'gamble'

France's President Emmanuel Macron has announced a snap election for the national legislature after his party's projected defeat in the European Parliament elections. French media have called the move his "biggest gamble."

In a hastily arranged televised speech on Sunday, Macron revealed his decision to dissolve the National Assembly for an election late this month.

This came after the French far-right National Rally party was projected to have won more than twice as many seats in the European Parliament as Macron's centrist coalition.

The EU vote took place from Thursday to Sunday.

In his speech, Macron expressed a sense of urgency about the advancement of the far-right party. He went on to express his confidence in "the ability of the French people to make the right choice for themselves and for future generations."

Observers say Macron apparently hopes that a victory in the national parliament election will curb the far-right party's clout.

But French media points to a risk that National Rally and other parties could gain more seats and form a majority in the lower house.

Marine Le Pen of National Rally said the party is "ready to exercise power" if the French people have confidence in it in the upcoming election.

Le Pen went on to say that the party is "ready" to defend the interests of the French people, to put an end to mass immigration, and to turn the country around.

The snap election is to be held in two rounds, the first on June 30 and the second on July 7.