India's Modi sworn in for third term as prime minister with reduced BJP strength

Narendra Modi has begun a third consecutive term as India's prime minister after a coalition led by his party won a majority of seats in the latest general election.

Modi took the oath of office at the presidential palace in the capital, New Delhi, on Sunday. He pledged to do right to all manner of people in accordance with the Constitution.

The swearing-in ceremony brought together the leaders of several regional countries, including Bangladesh and the Maldives.

The 543 seats of the lower house were contested in the election. Voters gave 293, or more than a majority, to the coalition spearheaded by Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party. But his party itself suffered a setback and fell well short of securing a majority on its own.

Analysts say Modi's government will need to make policy decisions after taking into account the interests of regional parties forming the coalition.

Attention is focused on whether Modi will be able to steer his government in a stable manner and implement measures to address many economic challenges, including youth unemployment and wealth gaps.

People are also hoping that Modi will try to invigorate farming communities, which are home to more than 60 percent of India's population.