Colombia to suspend coal exports to Israel

Colombia has announced that it will suspend coal exports to Israel over its military operations in the Gaza Strip.

President Gustavo Petro said on social media on Saturday that the exports will be suspended until Israel stops its attacks on civilians in Gaza.

Colombia is one of the major coal exporters to Israel. The Colombian government says coal accounted for 90 percent of the country's exports to Israel between January and August last year.

Colombia saw an internal conflict involving leftist guerrilla groups that lasted more than half a century. Israel provided military assistance, and the two countries developed close ties.

Petro became Colombia's first leftist president in 2022.

He has repeatedly criticized the administration of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He announced last month that Colombia would break diplomatic relations with Israel.

Left-wing governments in other Latin American nations have also taken steps to review their relations with Israel. Last year, Bolivia severed diplomatic ties with the Middle Eastern country, and Chile recalled its ambassador.