Protesters gather in front of White House, demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Thousands of protesters have gathered in the US capital Washington, demanding an immediate ceasefire between Israel and the Islamic group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Protesters came from places across the United States on Saturday in response to calls from Arab American groups, as talks to achieve a ceasefire are stalled.

They filled a square in front of the White House, holding signs which said "Stop genocide" or "Stop military assistance to Israel".

One protester said that he wants to see the bloody tactics end and children not to be killed.

He added that he wants President Joe Biden to work on the ceasefire and that the US should not be supporting Israel.

Another participant talked of the many lives being lost in the Gaza Strip every day.

She said there are no words to describe how devastating it is and that the "red line" was crossed eight months ago.

There is deep-rooted support for Israel in the United States.
But as more and more civilians are killed in Gaza, Biden and his administration, which provide military support to Israel, are facing increasing criticism.

The war in Gaza could cast a shadow over the presidential election in November.