Macron, Biden reaffirm solidarity to support Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron has stressed his country's solidarity with other Western countries in assisting Ukraine.

Macron held talks with US President Joe Biden in Paris on Saturday, one day after he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

At a joint news conference, Macron asserted that France, the United States and other Western nations must continue to provide assistance to Kyiv to safeguard Europe's security and stability.

The French president noted that for the past few months the Western powers have authorized Ukraine to strike targets inside Russian territory with Western-supplied weapons and planned the creation of a coalition of countries that would send military instructors to train forces in Ukraine.

Macron expressed hope that the leaders of the Group of Seven nations will also commit to supporting Ukraine when they convene for a summit that starts in Italy on June 13.

Biden said: "Putin is not going to stop at Ukraine. It is not just Ukraine. It's much more than Ukraine. All of Europe will be threatened."

He added: "the United States is standing strong with Ukraine. We are standing with our allies."