Taliban official visits UAE to seek support

Afghanistan's economy has been in dire shape since the Taliban returned to power three years ago. The Islamist group is trying to shore up ties with other countries, and its acting interior minister has paid a visit to Abu Dhabi.

It was the first time Sirajuddin Haqqani has traveled abroad since 2021.

Local media report that he met earlier this week with United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The two reportedly discussed improving ties for the sake of mutual interests and regional stability.

However, Washington considers Haqqani a wanted man. It has offered a bounty of up to 10 million dollars for information leading to his arrest.

Earlier this week, Taliban officials also visited Russia to participate in an economic forum. President Vladimir Putin has expressed willingness to promote ties with the group, saying it controls Afghanistan as the current authority.

No country has recognized the Taliban interim government, and the economy continues to flounder. The recent overseas visits by Taliban officials are seen as evidence they want diplomatic recognition on the international stage.