Australia drops federal case against X over stabbing video

Australia's online safety regulator has dropped her Federal Court case to force social media giant X to remove a video of a church stabbing.

In April, a 16-year-old was arrested for allegedly wounding a prominent church leader and churchgoers with a knife during a televised service in Sydney.

Australia's e-Safety Commissioner ordered social media platforms to remove footage of the event globally to prevent it from going viral and inciting further violence.

While companies like Meta complied, X only blocked users in Australia from viewing the video.

Its owner Elon Musk posted a meme on the platform suggesting the order threatened free speech.

The Federal Court granted an interim injunction to remove the content. But last month, a judge decided against extending it.

On Wednesday, the commissioner announced she will stop the proceedings in the Federal Court.

Julie Inman Grant said she will instead focus on another case brought by X to review her decision to issue the removal notice.

She told local media she and her family had been subjected to online attacks including death threats and doxxing.

Following Inman Grant's decision, Musk took to his platform to say "freedom of speech is worth fighting for." This legal battle had escalated into a war of words between him and the government.

Musk labelled the commissioner a "censorship commissar," while Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called the entrepreneur "an arrogant billionaire."