Police warn people to avoid capybara on the run in eastern Japan

A capybara has escaped from its enclosure at a theme park in Nikko City, north of Tokyo. Police say people should not approach the animal as it may attack them.

Staff at Osaru Land & Animal Town notified police on Thursday that the animal was loose.

The male brown capybara, named Iroha, is reportedly about 1 meter long and weighs about 30 kilograms.

Iroha was in a separate room from three other capybaras at the zoo due to poor health at the time he escaped. He reportedly ran out when a keeper opened the door to check his condition. He is believed to have left the compound of the park.

The zoo says capybaras are usually quiet, but can move quickly, running at around 50 kilometers per hour.

The zoo is calling on people to notify police if they find the capybara and to stay away from him, as he could get alarmed and attack.