N.Korea no-show at Ulaanbaatar security conference

An international conference on Northeast Asian security is underway in Mongolia. Over 30 countries are participating, including Japan, the United States, and China. North Korea was invited but has not shown up.

The annual conference, called the Ulaanbaatar Dialogue on Northeast Asian Security, opened on Thursday in the Mongolian capital for a two-day session.

Mongolia has friendly relations with North Korea. From 2014 to 2018, Pyongyang sent a delegation to the conference every year. That gave Japan a rare opportunity for direct contact with North Korea to convey its stance on Japanese nationals abducted by the country and the North's nuclear and missile development. In 2018, a Japanese foreign ministry official talked briefly with the head of North Korea's Disarmament and Peace Institute.
Mongolia's Foreign Ministry says it has sent an invitation to Pyongyang but that no North Korean official has arrived at the conference.

North Korean sources have told NHK that as Japan and the United States continue to maintain their hostile policy toward North Korea, attending the conference would not bring the country any meaningful results.