US announces sales of F-16 aircraft parts to Taiwan

The US government has decided to sell 300 million dollars' worth of repair and spare parts for F-16 fighter jets and related equipment to Taiwan.

The Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced on Wednesday that the Department of State approved the sale and notified Congress of the decision.

This is the first time the US government has announced the sale of weapons or related parts to Taiwan after its new President was inaugurated in May. The decision is being seen as an apparent move to show the US' continued involvement in Taiwan's defense.

Last Friday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun exchanged opinions on the Taiwan situation on the sidelines of a security forum in Singapore.

But the two defense ministers failed to bridge the gap between the two countries over the issue.

During their talks, Austin described China's military drill around Taiwan last month as "provocative."

In response, Dong warned Austin that the US should not interfere in "China's internal affairs."