Defectors' group in South Korea sends anti-Pyongyang leaflets across border

A group of North Korean defectors in South Korea says it has sent balloons carrying anti-Pyongyang propaganda material across the border.

The group says 10 balloons were launched from a location near the demilitarized zone early on Thursday.

It says the balloons carried 200,000 fliers criticizing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, USB sticks containing South Korean music and drama, as well as dollar bills.

The group also sent balloons carrying similar items on May 10. It says it will continue sending leaflets, which it calls letters of truth and freedom, to compatriots in the North.

North Korea began sending balloons carrying trash and waste into South Korea from late May, saying it was retaliating for the actions of the defectors' group.

On Sunday, North Korea announced it would temporarily suspend the balloon activities.

But it warned that if more leaflets were sent from South Korea, it would respond with "garbage amounting to 100 times" the quantity of the propaganda leaflets.