Israeli forces continue strikes on Gaza as new ceasefire proposal rejected

Israeli forces continue intense strikes on central and other parts of the Gaza Strip, as Hamas rejects a new ceasefire proposal.

The Israeli military announced on Wednesday that its troops have "started a targeted operational activity in the areas of Bureij and eastern Deir al Balah" at the same time.

It maintained that it took action on the basis of "intelligence information indicating the presence of terrorists and terrorist infrastructure above and below ground in the area".

The military also said that the troops "located weapons and eliminated armed terrorists".

Meanwhile, on the same day, the international non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders reported that at least 70 people had been killed and over 300 wounded since Tuesday, following heavy Israeli strikes in central Gaza.

The group also said the majority of the victims are women and children.

Health authorities in Gaza said on Wednesday that the death toll in the enclave has risen to 36,586 since the current conflict started in October last year.

The Islamic group Hamas said it will not agree to the latest proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza and hostage release unless Israel guarantees a permanent ceasefire and a full withdrawal of its troops.

US President Joe Biden revealed on Friday that Israel had made a proposal to Hamas of a six-week ceasefire and the release of hostages.

On Wednesday, supporters of a far-right political party and others marched toward east Jerusalem, an area where many Palestinians live.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir also attended the march.

The marchers called for the expulsion of Palestinians and the continuation of the military operation in the Gaza Strip.