Diet committee passes LDP-submitted bill to revise political funds control law

A special committee in the Lower House of Japan's Diet has passed a bill submitted by the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party to revise the political funds control law. The LDP amended its original bill to incorporate demands from its coalition partner Komeito, as well as Japan Innovation Party.

Before the vote on Wednesday, the ad hoc committee held a question-and-answer session, with Prime Minister Kishida Fumio attending.

Committee members later voted on bills submitted by the governing and opposition camps.

The LDP-sponsored bill was passed with majority support from the three parties and others.
The opposition parties, including Constitutional Democratic Party, the Japanese Communist Party, the Democratic Party for the People, all voted against.

Bills, including one jointly submitted by the CDP and the DPFP, were voted down.

A supplementary clause attached to the bill was also passed with majority support from the governing coalition and Japan Innovation Party.

The clause includes issues to be considered later, including the upper limit for the amount of fundraising party tickets to be purchased by individuals and businesses, the treatment of revenue from activities other than fundraising parities, and restricting the transfer of political funds among lawmakers' families or relatives.

The bill is expected to clear the Lower House plenary session on Thursday and will then be sent to the Upper House.