US flies B-1B bomber in joint precision-guided bombing drill with South Korea

The military of the US and South Korea have held a joint precision-guided bombing drill involving a US B-1B bomber and fighter jets from the two countries.

South Korea's defense ministry said on Wednesday that during the drill, the B-1B flew over the Korean Peninsula with the fighter jets and dropped precision-guided bombs.

This is the first such bombing drill over the peninsula for the US bomber in seven years.

South Korean media outlets report that if a B-1B with large amounts of bombs takes off from the US Air Force base in Guam, the US military can deploy the bomber over the peninsula within 2 hours.

The defense ministry stressed that the joint exercise demonstrated the solid combined defense posture against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.

North Korea is expected to react sharply as the country is very nervous about US B-1B bombers.

This comes a day after South Korea's government officially decided to fully suspend an inter-Korean military agreement. The previous administration of South Korea signed the pact in 2018 to ease tensions with the North.

Seoul's decision is in response to the recent incident when Pyongyang sent massive balloons filled with trash and waste into the South.