Biden announces new actions to step up border control

US President Joe Biden has announced executive actions that call for refusing asylum applications at the US-Mexico border if the number of unlawful migrants exceeds a certain level.

Border control is one of the key points of contention in this autumn's presidential election.

Biden announced the new actions in a speech at the White House on Tuesday.

Applications for asylum will no longer be accepted once the number of migrants who cross the border unlawfully or without authorization exceeds an average of 2,500 people per day.

Some media reports describe this as a temporary closure of the border.

The number of people detained after crossing the US-Mexico border has marked record highs for three years in a row, and is regarded as a social problem.

Earlier this year, US Congress voted down a bill to strengthen border control. Biden said in his speech that Republicans in Congress had walked away from it because "Donald Trump told them to."

He added, Trump "wanted to use it to attack me."

On the same day, former President Trump referred to Biden on social media, saying, "His weakness and extremism have resulted in a border invasion like we have never seen before."

He said the executive actions were "all for show" to boost voter support in the November presidential election.