Biden says he's not ruling out use of US forces if China invades Taiwan

US President Joe Biden says he is not ruling out the possibility of using US military forces, if China invades Taiwan.

Biden made the remark during an interview with Time magazine at the White House on May 28. The magazine released the contents of the interview on Tuesday.

Biden said he has made it clear to Chinese President Xi Jinping that the United States is not seeking independence for Taiwan. He noted that is long-standing US policy.

But he said he is not ruling out the use of US forces in the event of an invasion. The president has previously mentioned it is possible that the US military will defend Taiwan, if Beijing tries to bring about the unification with Taiwan by force.

When asked whether the US military would launch strikes from its bases in Japan or the Philippines, Biden said, "I can't get into that."

When questioned about China's alleged interference in US elections, Biden said, "There is evidence that meddling is going on."

The president expressed the view that the Chinese economy is not booming. He said it is "on the brink."