Netanyahu: Ceasefire deal 'incomplete'

Israeli media quote Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying claims suggesting his government agreed to a ceasefire deal presented by US President Joe Biden are "incorrect." Netanyahu spoke to lawmakers in Jerusalem on Monday at a closed-door meeting of the government's foreign affairs and defense committee.

Biden revealed a plan on Friday that includes a ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, and the return of all hostages held by Hamas. Media reports quote Netanyahu as saying that the proposal is "incomplete."

Netanyahu said there are "gaps" between his side's version of the plan and Biden's recounting of it. He said Israelis have maintained their "goals" of the war, primarily the "elimination of Hamas."

Far-right members of his cabinet have accused Netanyahu of whitewashing the deal. They said he accepted the plan Biden is promoting, then changed the conditions for ending the fighting. National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir warned Netanyahu about signing a "reckless deal." He said if the prime minister did that without eliminating Hamas, Ben Gvir's party would "dissolve the government."

Lebanese media quote Hamas leaders as saying they want to see the "written agreement." They said they cannot rely on Biden's statements and cannot sign a deal that does not "guarantee a permanent ceasefire."

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Monday that the proposal had been submitted to Hamas but said there had not been any response. He said the US is "completely confident" the Israelis agree with the terms of the deal.