Street drinking to be banned in Tokyo's Shinjuku district during Halloween

Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward officials plan to ban drinking on the streets in some busy districts during the Halloween period this year.

Ward officials say the number of visitors rose by about 3,000 during the Halloween period last year in the popular entertainment district of Kabukicho after street drinking was banned in neighboring Shibuya Ward.

The officials say images taken by surveillance cameras last year showed there was much garbage on the streets, which had to be cleaned the next day.

Shinjuku plans to submit a draft ordinance to restrict street drinking in an assembly session which starts next week.

The ordinance would ban street drinking from early evening on October 31, through the next morning, as well as during other periods deemed necessary by the ward mayor. The zones to be targeted will be some areas of Kabukicho and nearby districts.

The officials plan to patrol the restricted areas during the period, and request stores not to sell alcoholic beverages.

Shinjuku Mayor Yoshizumi Kenichi said he hopes the ban on street drinking will help prevent mishaps in the busy downtown area.