Abductee's mother speaks with media nearly 4 years after husband's death

The mother of a Japanese woman who was abducted by North Korea 47 years ago has urged Prime Minister Kishida Fumio to hold a summit with the North Korean leader to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Yokota Sakie spoke to the media on Tuesday, one day before the fourth anniversary of her husband's death.

Yokota Shigeru led efforts by the families of abductees to rescue their loved ones. He died in 2020 at the age of 87.

Their daughter Megumi was abducted by North Korean agents to that country in November 1977, when she was 13. She will turn 60 in October.

Yokota Sakie said that soon after her husband's death, she was strongly determined to do more, but now she feels increasingly desolated.

She said she speaks to her husband's photo with a sigh, asking why no progress has been made and nothing is known despite the significance of the issue.

Yokota added she is frustrated that she cannot see any signs of Megumi.

She said she wants Prime Minister Kishida to create a situation in which he and Pyongyang's leader Kim Jong Un can talk frankly and pave the way for solving the abduction issue.