Ministries poised to respond quickly to carmakers' testing scandal

Japan's transport minister Saito Tetsuo has called the latest scandals involving five vehicle makers regrettable, saying they undermine the very foundations of the certification system.

He says the ministry will quickly verify whether affected vehicles meet national safety standards.

Saito said: " As far as we know at this point, the number of affected models and units are limited compared with those in the Daihatsu case. We will carry out our own tests right away so as not to prolong the negative effect the suspension of vehicle shipments will have on the economy."

Meanwhile, industry minister Saito Ken said his ministry is preparing to deal with any financial damage or disruptions within the automotive industry from the scandal.

Saito Ken said, " We'll check to see how big an impact this could have on suppliers and be ready to take whatever measures necessary."

He indicated that the moves could include financial support for business partners of the vehicle makers.