Kyoto shrine decorated with hundreds of wind chimes

Visitors to a shrine in Kyoto City are enjoying the sound of about 700 wind chimes, a traditional summer item in Japan.

Matsunoo Taisha Shrine has been decorating its grounds with wind chimes around this time of year since 2020.

The sound of the bells is said to purify the body and mind.

The glass wind chimes, colored by the shrine's priests, are hung around the shrine grounds, including in the water purification pavilion, where visitors clean their hands and mouth. They produce a refreshing sound when the wind blows.

Strips of paper attached to the wind chimes bear people's wishes for good health and the safety of their family members.

A woman from the city, who visited with her elementary school daughter, says summer is around the corner, but the sound of the bells makes her feel cool.

The wind chimes will be displayed until September 1.