Hiroshima begins annual update of atomic bomb victims register

The city of Hiroshima has begun adding new names to the register of victims of the 1945 atomic bombing.

The city is updating the registry to include the names of bomb survivors who died, or whose deaths were confirmed, over the past year. The list will be placed in a cenotaph during the peace memorial ceremony on August 6.

The recording of the names began at the Hiroshima city office on Monday and will continue through August 5.

City officials said 4,100 names are expected to be added this year to the list of 339,227 victims.

After offering a prayer to the registry, Ikegame Kazuko and Nakamoto Nobuko began writing the names and ages of the victims. Both women are atomic bomb survivors and former city officials.

Ikegame said she will continue to carefully write the victims' names while praying for those who died and those who suffered hardships in the bombing.

Nakamoto said she wrote the names while recalling the tragedy and with the wish to pass on the memories to younger generations.