Japan Meteorological Agency warns of more quakes in Ishikawa

Japan's Meteorological Agency is calling on people in the area hit by an earthquake on Monday morning to be on alert for falling rocks and landslides.

The quake hit Ishikawa Prefecture, central Japan, and registered an intensity of upper 5 on the Japanese scale of 0 to 7.

A senior official at the agency told reporters at a news conference that local people need to stay alert, as the risk of falling rocks and landslides is increasing in the area where strong jolts were felt.

The official warned that more quakes with similar intensities may hit the area over the coming week, and that a large quake may follow in the next couple of days.

He said that seismic activities have been continuing in the area for over three years, including the earthquake that devastated the region on New Year's Day.

He warned that the activities are expected to continue for the time being.