Trump says jail sentence could be 'breaking point' for his supporters

Former US President Donald Trump has warned that if he is put under house arrest or jailed over his hush money case, it could be "a breaking point" for his supporters.

He made the remark in an interview with Fox News on Sunday, after he was convicted on Thursday in a trial for falsifying business records ahead of the 2016 election.

Trump has become the first former US president to be convicted of a crime.

A Fox News anchor asked how he would respond if the judge sentenced him to house arrest or jail. Trump said, "I'm OK with it."

But he added, "I'm not sure the public would stand for it." He went on to say: "I think it would be tough for the public to take. You know, at a certain point, there is a breaking point."

Sentencing is scheduled for July 11th. Trump plans to appeal against the guilty verdict. Fox News says a prison sentence is unlikely, as he is 77 years old and a first-time offender.

Lara Trump, the wife of Trump's son Eric, appeared on CNN on Sunday. She co-chairs the Republican National Committee.

She said 70 million dollars had been raised in 48 hours after her father-in-law's verdict was announced.

The Trump camp hopes to use his conviction to raise more funds. But some observers say it could erode his support. They are waiting to see what impact it will have on voters' decisions.