Heat waves in India killed 46 people in May, including poll officials

Media outlets in India are reporting that severe heat waves killed at least 46 people in the country in May alone, with temperatures topping 45 degrees Celsius for days across regions.

Indian weather authorities say the temperature reached 50.5 degrees in the western state of Rajasthan on Tuesday.

Local media are reporting on people hospitalized for heatstroke and other conditions receiving intravenous drips and other treatments.

The media also report there have been cases of heat-related deaths of staff deployed for the general election that has been held across the country since April 19.

In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, 33 poll officials reportedly died from suspected heatstroke on Saturday.

Weather officials are warning of increased likelihood of heat illness symptoms in people who are either exposed to the sun for a prolonged period or doing heavy work.