Voting in India's election ends, Modi's alliance projected to win majority

All voting in India's general election ended on Saturday. Local media released the results of exit polls showing the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's alliance seems on track to win a parliamentary majority required to keep him in office.

The final round of the seven-phase election, which is the world's largest with nearly 1 billion eligible voters, finished on Saturday. The voting took place in 543 electoral districts.

Modi heads the governing Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, and seeks a third term as prime minister. The party won a majority of seats in the previous 2019 general election, and the ruling coalition gained nearly two-thirds of the seats.

Media exit polls predict that such momentum will continue this time as well.

Opposition parties are complaining that the results of exit polls do not correctly reflect the actual vote.

During the election campaign, the ruling bloc focused on Modi's popularity to expand support. It stressed that his strong leadership has led to the country's economic growth.

The opposition aimed to win over voters critical of Modi by saying that unemployment among young people and economic disparity started becoming serious under his administration.

Vote counting will take place across the country on Tuesday.