Diplomats trade accusations over N.Korea satellite launch attempt

Japan and the United States have traded accusations with North Korea at the United Nations Security Council over Pyongyang's latest attempt to launch a military spy satellite.

The council convened an emergency meeting on Friday at the request of Japan, the US and other countries.

North Korea announced on Monday that its launch ended in failure after a new type of rocket carrying the military reconnaissance satellite exploded in midair.

Several countries condemned the North for its launch, which used ballistic missile technology in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Japan's UN Ambassador Yamazaki Kazuyuki said, "North Korea is completely disrespectful with the Security Council resolutions which were unanimously adopted, the secretary-general and the United Nations Charter."

Deputy US ambassador to the UN Robert Wood said Pyongyang has unlawfully transferred ballistic missiles and munitions to aid Russia's assaults on Ukraine. He added that such a move is "prolonging the suffering of the Ukrainian people."

North Korea's UN envoy, Kim Song, accused the US of frequently conducting military drills around the Koran Peninsula.

He said, "The Korean Peninsula turns into the most fragile zone in the world, fraught with the danger of outbreak of war."

Kim added that the launch of a military reconnaissance satellite is not only indispensable for strengthening the country's defense capabilities, but is an important issue to protect its sovereignty.

Russia's deputy ambassador to the UN described the US accusations over Moscow's alleged military cooperation with Pyongyang as "absolutely groundless."