China to suspend tariff concessions on over 130 more Taiwan items

China says it will suspend tariff concessions for 134 Taiwanese products starting on June 15. Beijing appears to be intensifying pressure on Taiwan's economic sector in the wake of the inauguration of Taiwanese President Lai Ching-te.

The Chinese government said on Friday that the preferential tariff rates, which are stipulated in the Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement and currently apply to the items, will be halted.

Beijing noted that Taiwan unilaterally adopted discriminatory restrictions on products from China. It indicated that those restrictions violate the pact and have not been removed.

The bilateral agreement, which is a free trade agreement, was signed in 2010. The goal of the pact was to further liberalize trade.

The latest action is an expansion of the scope of a move that China made earlier. Beijing started suspending tariff concessions in January. It has suspended concessions on 12 items since then.

China's Taiwan Affairs Office has criticized Lai's administration for maintaining a "pro-independence" stance. It noted that the administration has instigated cross-strait confrontations and has been trying to decouple the cross-strait economies.

Lai was sworn in as Taiwan's President on May 20. He has denied what Beijing calls the "one-China" principle.

China conducted military drills near Taiwan during a two-day period last week. The move was apparently in reaction to Lai's inauguration.