Thai food show highlights plant-based products

A major Southeast Asian food trade show is underway near Bangkok. More than 3,000 industry players from 50 countries around the world gathered for the event that runs through Saturday.

Many companies are hungry for promoting plant-based alternatives to meat and seafood. For instance, tuna prepared from beans and beef jerky from mushrooms...

A local company reproduced the taste and texture of crab using jackfruit for its yellow curry, which is a signature Thai dish.

Japan's Mitsubishi Research Institute says that the global market for alternative meat is expected to reach around 76 billion US dollars as of 2025, and that it will expand to some 880 billion dollars in 2050.

Singapore, which faces food security issues, is leading the market with active investment by both the public and private sectors.

Japanese fishery companies are also exhibiting at the trade show. They are promoting the safety of their seafood, such as scallops and oysters.

This comes amid China's suspension of imports of Japanese marine products following the release of treated and diluted water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.