UN warns of more landslides in Papua New Guinea

It has been almost a week since the deadly landslide hit Papua New Guinea. An official of the United Nations Development Programme said evacuating residents to safe places is urgent, as the site of last Friday's landslide is still unstable.

UNDP Humanitarian Advisor in Papua New Guinea, Mate Bagossy, spoke to NHK on Thursday about his recent visit to the disaster-hit village in the mountainous province of Enga.

He said, "The road that has been buried in parts by the landslide is sinking. There are trees that are tilting, including in areas that are not in the immediate proximity of the landslide itself, which means that there is some movement."

The first shipments of Australian aid, containing food and medicine, were delivered to the remote region on Wednesday.

Bagossy said essential supplies to the village are currently insufficient in quantity. But he added more aid is apparently on the way.

Referring to the government's estimate that more than 2,000 villagers have been buried under rubble and mud, Bagossy said the numbers remain unclear. "I believe that some of the numbers that have appeared might be overestimated. But it's definitely a disaster of very big magnitude," he said.

Six people have been confirmed dead in the disaster. Australia's public broadcaster reported that more than 160 people were buried alive, citing local officials.