KDDI vows to build lunar communications infrastructure

A Japanese telecom giant says it's planning to build a communications system on the Moon. KDDI hopes to start the services in 2030 as lunar exploration gathers steam worldwide.

The firm said on Thursday that it will build lunar infrastructure to allow high-speed data communications between astronauts and rovers.

By 2028, KDDI aims to establish high-volume optical and radio wave networks connecting the Moon and the Earth.

The plan involves developing technology to enable laser beams to span the 380,000 kilometer distance between the Earth and the Moon.

The company wants to speed up the development of robots for building a base station.
KDDI will also partner with startups to launch new space businesses.

The US-led Artemis project aims to send astronauts to the Moon in 2026 or later. The US and Japan agreed last month that Japanese astronauts will be among those sent to the Moon.

Matsuda Hiromichi, KDDI's Managing Executive Officer says, " I am very excited to see Japanese astronauts land on the moon. Wherever mankind goes, there's always the need for good communication. We intend to provide thorough support for these efforts."

Matsuda says he understands that prior investment is critical to monetize future space business projects.