Volcanic eruption in Iceland, 5th time since December, forces people to evacuate

A volcano in Iceland has erupted for the fifth time since December, forcing residents and tourists to evacuate.

The Nordic nation is one of the countries where volcanoes are most active in the world.

The Icelandic meteorological authorities say the latest eruption occurred in the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwestern Iceland, at around noon on Wednesday.

Footage shows red lava shooting into the air from a fissure in the ground surface and spilling out over the area.

The Icelandic authorities say the fissure is more than two kilometers in length.

The state-run TV has quoted an expert as saying that the eruption appears to be unprecedented in scale.

British public broadcaster BBC says nearly 4,000 residents in the southwestern town of Grindavik have been forced to flee the area since the series of volcanic eruptions began.

Officials in Grindavik are calling on people, who are still around the town, to evacuate as the area where lava is flowing out is expanding.