British parliament dissolves for July 4 general election

The British parliament dissolved on Thursday ahead of a July 4 general election, with opinion polls pointing to the possibility of the first change in government in 14 years.

The dissolution follows Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's announcement of a general election last week. Campaigning for parliament's 650 seats is now in full swing.

The latest YouGov poll released on Wednesday showed the main opposition Labour Party in the lead at 47 percent, with Sunak's Conservative Party trailing at 20 percent.

Sunak has already been campaigning in places such as Northern Ireland and Wales in a bid to bolster support for his party.

He is stressing that his government has delivered on its promise to lower inflation.

The Conservative Party's campaign pledges include a plan that would require 18-year-olds to perform a year of mandatory military training or community volunteering. It also promises a tax cut for pensioners.

The Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has been campaigning in Scotland and elsewhere.

Starmer has criticized the Conservative government for creating chaos and division. He is promising changes such as reducing the waiting time for people to receive treatment under the National Health Service.

The party leaders will face off in a televised debate on June 4.

A London man in his 40s says he wants the cost of living to go down. Noting that politicians have not kept their promises, he says he will scrutinize the candidates' policies.