Democrats to nominate Biden by 'virtual roll call' before Ohio ballot deadline

US Democrats plan to nominate President Joe Biden as their presidential candidate through a virtual roll call before the party's convention in August.

The Democratic National Committee announced its plan on Tuesday to hold proceedings to nominate Biden virtually by August 7. The party's in-person convention begins on August 19.

The DNC decided to take the unusual step to ensure Biden appears on the Ohio ballot in the November presidential election. By law, the state's deadline for paper balloting is August 7.

US media reports say the state had extended the deadline in past elections, but this time the Republican majority in the state legislature blocked the effort.

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison said, "Through a virtual roll call, we will ensure that Republicans can't chip away at our democracy."

ABC TV says the online certification could take a significant moment away from Biden and the Democratic Party as the official nomination at the convention is historically met with fanfare and celebration.